The search engine redirect virus will make it so that when you type in a search phrase and hit enter, and choose to click on a returned search result; instead of being taken to that result you will instead be redirected to a web page that has nothing to do with your subject matter.

The creators of the search engine redirect virus have two goals in mind. One, make a profit by taking you to advertising pages instead of what you were looking for. Two, creating a backdoor on your system to allow for more virus and maleware to be installed and steal private data right from your hard drive.


1. Download and install the Remove Restrictions Tool from the Internet (see References).

2. Disable any antivirus software running on the computer.

3. Open the Remove Restrictions Tool from its icon on the desktop. Run the tool to automatically remove restrictions on the system and give you back control and access to Task Manager.

4. Enable and run a a reputable and updated virus program to find and remove any viruses on the system. You can also find free virus scan services that run via the Web so you won't have to install or purchase anything.