MSN Virus Removal is anti-virus computer software that aims to aid in locating and removing MSN viruses on infected computers. MSN Instant Messaging software is subject to many virus strains. These viruses can also infect other users on your MSN friend list. These viruses can often be very difficult to locate and quarantine effectively. The MSN Virus Removal Software can detect and contain many of these troublesome MSN virus strains. The software is regularly updated when new viruses are identified.

1. Function: MSN Virus Removal offers software that will scan, find, and eliminate the most common MSN messenger viruses. Currently more than 9000 strains of the MSN Virus can be detected and destroyed automatically by using MSN Virus Removal products. Once a virus is eliminated, the software allows the user to use MSN messenger without fear of further virus infection.


There are two main MSN Virus Removal products: MSN Photo Virus Remover and MSN Virus Info Gatherer. MSN Photo Virus Remover is the main product offering and should be downloaded first if you believe your computer is infected with an MSN virus. The MSN Photo Virus Remover removes not only the MSN Photo Virus, but also thousands of other strains of the MSN virus. MSN Virus Info Gatherer is a tool of last resort. It is to be used if MSN Photo Virus Remover does not automatically find and detect the virus on your computer system. The gathering tool will transmit information about your computer's status to the software creator. Your information may be used in future software updates to help eliminate new strains of the MSN virus.

3. Identification

MSN Virus Removal products are not associated with or endorsed by Microsoft. MSN Virus Removal software was created by Mackas Software and the website was designed by Michael Casha. Microsoft will provide no assistance or warranties in relation to the use of MSN Virus Removal products.

4. Features

The MSN VIrus Removal will not only scan your main computer hard drive for MSN viruses, but it will also scan any other external drives that are connected to your computer, such as flash drives or USB drives. This can help make sure that your computer does not get reinfected by peripheral devices. The software also creates and saves a log file on your computer in order to document the virus removal process and to serve as a reference for future virus problems.

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