The Internet is a wonderful medium full of useful ideas and information but there are also dangers in the Internet in the form of viruses, malware and worms. A worm virus can be contracted even if you use anti-virus protection and it can be tricky to remove the worm. Remove a worm virus as soon as you know your computer system is infested with one. Read on to learn how to remove a worm virus.


Run your anti-virus software often to prevent getting a worm virus. If it tells you that you have one, follow the steps to remove the worm right away.

Choose the "Clean-up" option that is available depending on the anti-virus software you use. For example, Trend Micro's "Housecall" lists each vulnerability and allows you to choose to remove them manually or remove all by clicking on "Delete" at the bottom of the screen. Click on the "Delete" button and the Removal tool will run.

Run your anti-virus tool again to make sure the worm is removed. If it isn't press "Delete" again and repeat this step until the worm has been successfully eliminated.

Remove the worm virus manually when the anti-virus tool advises it can not delete it. For example, in Trend Micro's "Housecall" it will say, "Some vulnerabilities could not be removed...please click here to remove manually."

Follow the instructions on the next page. This will take you to the Security Bulletin for that worm. Apply the patch by clicking on it and then follow the on-screen instructions step by step to remove the worm you have.

Double check to make sure the worm is gone. Run your anti-virus software again until it tells you your computer is clean.

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